The QuizWitz F.A.Q.

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Greetings Quiz Masters!

We're working on a F.A.Q. To do this properly, we are curious about what confuses you! Help us to help you and newcomers.

Add questions you have/had about the platform here, and we'll answer them. The F.A.Q. will be available in the footer.

Thanks a million!


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    Is it possible to play with more than 6 players?
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    Yes! But you must buy a premium account.
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    good explanation between the 3 different modes (normal, presentation and live)
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    Hi Oracle,

    These features are still a bit experimental. Presentation = a live show for on events (conventions etc), while "live" mode hands all control to a quizmaster who can then read the questions out loud before players answer.

    We're currently working to improve the quiz editor so that this difference is more clear.
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    How do you make a quiz ask more questions per round? I would like them to ask all of the questions that I have made.
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    You can set this in "quizzes", but not in "rounds".

    A round is a bunch of questions you want to share with the community. When players play your round, 7 random questions are taken from the round and are presented to the player.

    A quiz is a predefined game you can play with your friends. Your question order and amount are respected in quizzes.

    In order to create a quiz, select "quiz" in the create menu (note that a premium account is required for this).

    Hope that explains our system :)

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    Are people able to join midgame or in between rounds? If I have lots of people I want to play with and get premium I am hoping I don't have to wait for them all 100% before starting the game and allows latecomers to join in.

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    You can do that in 'presentation' mode which is more suited for larger groups of players. In that mode the authentication code stays visible and players can join at any time.

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    What does the premium version bring besides the 100 people playing simultaneously?

    Is it possible to change the players' names?

    Thank you!

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