The QuizWitz F.A.Q.

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Greetings Quiz Masters!

We're working on a F.A.Q. To do this properly, we are curious about what confuses you! Help us to help you and newcomers.

Add questions you have/had about the platform here, and we'll answer them. The F.A.Q. will be available in the footer.

Thanks a million!


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    Is it possible to play with more than 6 players?
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    Yes! But you must buy a premium account.
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    good explanation between the 3 different modes (normal, presentation and live)
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    Hi Oracle,

    These features are still a bit experimental. Presentation = a live show for on events (conventions etc), while "live" mode hands all control to a quizmaster who can then read the questions out loud before players answer.

    We're currently working to improve the quiz editor so that this difference is more clear.
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    How do you make a quiz ask more questions per round? I would like them to ask all of the questions that I have made.
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    You can set this in "quizzes", but not in "rounds".

    A round is a bunch of questions you want to share with the community. When players play your round, 7 random questions are taken from the round and are presented to the player.

    A quiz is a predefined game you can play with your friends. Your question order and amount are respected in quizzes.

    In order to create a quiz, select "quiz" in the create menu (note that a premium account is required for this).

    Hope that explains our system :)

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