Technical issues

Whilst playing QuizTed, i encountered some issues of which i think it's in the interest of all players they'd be addressed.
Client URL:
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 33.1 on Fedora GNU/Linux 19
Remote client URL:
  • After a finishing a single player game, returning to the first menu(s) and having selected a question pack, the intro suddenly started playing again. The next game ran fine though
  • In a single player game i don't seem to be able to change the number of rounds (using the mouse). It is possible using the cursor keys on a keyboard but i don't think it's very intuitive.
  • In party mode, there doesn't seem to be a "back" button in case connection from other players fails or a player would like to change the game mode (single/party). However, refreshing the page is a quick fix.
  • On two phones using Firefox and different versions of Android, the remote client is stuck at "Loading controls..." for no apparant reason, no further (debug) info is given.
  • Some players might find this game, the ambient music and animations quite addictive. This (of course) isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Please tell me if i overlooked some magic button or did something wrong in any way.


  • KenKen
    edited November 2014
    Hi Bjorn!

    Thanks for the great feedback! We are very happy you enjoy our game and we will certainly address all of these issues as soon as possible, although its addictive nature is out of our hands :p

    You've helped us a great deal! Did you like the questions you got while playing?
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    Two things, I see that most of the comments on this site are pretty old. Are you still developing this site?

    Why is the number of questions limited to 6? I made a custom round with 8 questions but only 6 were asked. This is goes by too quickly.
  • edited July 2018
    Hi Timothy,

    We are currently working on some improvements to the website.
    So yes, we're still working on updates :)

    The number of questions is limited to 7 per round. If you click the "Play" button in the top menu you can select multiple rounds from your collection and the game will randomly pick questions from those rounds.

    Let me know your thoughts on this approach!

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    Thanks for the feedback, that Play approach is much cleaner.

    Can you breakout the scores per round? The way my family is currently playing right now is each one of us creates a round and then we all compete. The person that created their round won't compete in their round, so their score will be 0. It would be nice to see each person's score each round so you can factor out the 0 if appropriate.
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    Are players allowed to enter their names before participating in the quiz? Would like to know who is playing so that we can award prizes, especially if we have more than 20 people playing...

  • KenKen
    edited April 2020

    Hi Sheerlock

    Apologies for the late response. Please use the Live mode to play quizzes with multiple rounds for this to work. You can then also direct the flow of the quiz as the quiz host in a different browser screen. You decide when the game continues or when you take time to address the players.

    if you have questions, feel free to contact, where we can more quickly address questions.

    Kind regards

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