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Hi, I have had issues with your payment system. Firstly it was down and then it put through 2 payments after saying the first one didn't go through. On top of that even though I now have 2 fully paid for accounts its still saying I am using a free account... very frustrating!
I have also tried to put together a TEST set of questions but it says you cant save it without a picture... well guess what? IT REFUSES TO LET ME UPLOAD A PICTURE! grrrrrr... I just wanna test this thing out... it looks like it could be awesome if you made it USABLE!


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    Ok guys thanks for fixing the Payment and picture issue :) I'm wondering if there is any way to use the picture option within the questions themselves? I'm loving this so far! Would be great if you could make it a stand alone application!
  • KenKen
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    Hi there

    Thanks for notifying and supporting us. As you had to pay twice before you got your account, we decided to refund your second payment.

    Next, we request that you add an image for your round before you publish it. That helps to identify it and what it is about. Together with the title, it guides players to your rounds!

    Lastly, you will be able to add images to your questions soon. As we're still developng the platform, some things don't work just yet.

    Thanks a million!
  • KenKen
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    Hi again!

    The images issue has been resolved, so you can now add them to a specific question if you fancy that ^^

    Thanks again
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