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I am interested in purchasing and becoming a member. What I am looking for is a trivia product I can make a question bank of say 50 questions. I would like to brand it or co-brand it with you. Be able to do some color formatting. Also set a limit of 10 questions shown per session. The participant can play repeatedly until they'v answered all 50 questions (we'll add more over time)...

What are the features and benefits of a premium account?


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    Dear Seahorse,

    With a premium account you would be able to create a Quiz with a single Round. In this Round you could then create your 50 questions and select the "Show 10 questions" and "Randomize questions" options. This would make 10 questions from that specific round would be selected at random (keeping in mind the questions that were already answered before).

    As for branding, when sharing the quiz externally the "Quiz avatar" would be shown. Futher theming is not possible at this point.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or remarks.

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