Activating Premium Account

I have purchased the premium license... where do I activate my account to get access to the premium features? I need to have a game set up for more than 6 people by tomorrow


  • Jenster74
    edited November -1
    I just purchased the premium license this afternoon. I can see PayPal took my money, but I have no confirmation or license key from you. Right after I purchased it, the screen said I would receive it "soon." I also need this activated asap - have a party in 2 days! Thank you.
  • Thijs
    edited November -1
    Hi Jenster,

    We've looked into it and you should now have access to all features.

  • Hi, I purchased a premium license yesterday but I don't have access to all the features. I'm planning a quiz tomorrow so I would be much appreciated if you could look into it asap. Thanks, Jenny

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